Brew str. - Σύνταγμα

Νίκης 50, Σύνταγμα
Σάββατο 10:00-21:55
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Greek Beers
Greek IPA'S! This hoppy style from Greece is very popular among beer lovers and in Brew Str you can find a great variety. Enjoy!

World Beers
The IPA is one of the most popular beer styles around. IPA remains the most competitive, diverse, and exciting style in beer and in Brew Str. you canfind a big variety!

World pale ale Beers
Pale ale is a popular style of beer known to be hop-forward with a malty flavor & a golden to amber color. Actually is the beer that launched the modern brewing revolution in America& one beer in particular deserves much of the credit.

Greek Pale ale Beers
Pale Ale Beer! The dream of every microbrewer all over the world. Taste Greek Pale Ale 's and you will love them!


Greek Ales

Greek Porter | stout

World sour Beers

World Lager| Pilsner

World Porter | Stout| Bock

Greek Lager | Pilsner
Taste at Brew Str Greek pilsners & lagers made by microbrewers ! These popular beer styles give you clean & crisp flavor.

Greek Wheat